Rui Li

Rui Li
PhD Student
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9858

Rui Li completed a BEng (Honours class 1) from UNSW and began her PhD at WRL in August 2018, with a topic “Improving the design of hydraulic structures using LIDAR”. Her research aims to improve the design of hydraulic structures such as spillways and stilling basins using a state-of-the-art instrument LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging technology) to measure the free-surface in air-water flows. To date, the free-surface of air-water flows still has a lot of mysteries to be unravelled. LIDAR shows significant advantages in temporal and spatial resolution, which promotes the investigation of detailed air-water free-surface properties.

Rui is interested in air-water free-surface characteristics, air entrainment properties, pressure and velocity fields as well as the correlation between different air-water flow parameters. Rui’s research is currently based on extensive experiments conducted in the laboratory and will move on to prototype measurements in the future. Rui has experience in the application of different instrumentation (e.g. LIDAR, pressure transducers, wire gauges, conductivity probes) with a particular focus on LIDAR in physical modelling. She endeavours to explore the opportunities of LIDAR in engineering design of different hydraulic structures.

Supervisors: Dr Stefan Felder and Dr Kristen Splinter.