Anna Blacka

Anna Blacka
Graphic Designer & Communications
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
0418 481 910

Anna has worked as in Graphic Design and Communications at the Water Research Laboratory since 2008. She has a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) degree and is a communications expert. As a qualified Graphic Designer, she is experienced in the use of a wide range of graphics, publishing and drafting software. Anna produces all digital communications across WRL’s websites and social media channels.

Anna maintains all WRL’s marketing and promotional material, develops WRL’s branding guidelines, website, social media, graphics and imagery; including the design and production of brochures, banners, posters and stationery; coordinating with suppliers and liaising with the UNSW marketing and brand development team. Anna is responsible for all scientific and technical drafting, including figures for WRL Technical Reports, conference and journal papers, with expertise in 3D graphical abstracts. Anna provides design and advice for WRL trade displays at conferences and seminars and produces all coursework material used in WRL’s Professional Training Courses. She is responsible for the design and content of several project-based websites, and all templates used by the staff and students of WRL to produce communications media such as reports, presentations and posters.

Prior to working at WRL Anna has gained extensive experience working in a range of fields including advertising, branding and publications, with specialist skills in print layout, digital image manipulation, photo editing, retouching and restoration.