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By Associate Professor William Glamore The recent rains across NSW have brought much needed relief. Water storage for our cities and towns have more than doubled and the ongoing threat...
Have you ever wondered what day of the week is the most popular at your local beach? How many people were on the beach at any given time? Or have...
An urgent call for ecosystem restoration action
In response to the ongoing drought, fires and catchment water quality issues, we call for national leadership to support large-scale ecosystem restoration across Australia. Ecosystem restoration and creation, when applied...

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Our hydraulics laboratories are the largest and most comprehensive in Australia; containing a variety of standard facilities in addition to open space, which is used for project specific construction of large scale physical models.

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WRL is at the cutting edge of the science and engineering of wetland restoration and rehabilitation. Over the past 15 years we have undertaken on-ground projects to rehabilitate, repair and restore large wetlands across Australia.

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Director of the Water Research Laboratory.

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The largest and most sophisticated 2D wave flume facility in the Australia/Pacific region.


Professional UAV monitoring for a wide range of engineering and scientific applications.