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Muri currents - Mode 2 high tide
Last week Principal Coastal Engineer Matt Blacka spent a few hours with stakeholders from various government agencies and NGOs, working through the finer details of the hydrodynamics of Muri Lagoon...
A multi-disciplinary team led by WRL researchers is releasing the first large-scale summary of how our estuaries – and the 80 per cent of NSW residents living on them –...
2019 1 NC2
As a top-ranked university worldwide, UNSW Sydney is currently seeking doctoral candidates for the Scientia scholarship program. The details below outline a PhD project currently open for eligible candidates. The...

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2019 Events - Coastal Engineering Short Course

Coastal Engineering Short Course

9 September 2019 to 10 September 2019

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Our hydraulics laboratories are the largest and most comprehensive in Australia; containing a variety of standard facilities in addition to open space, which is used for project specific construction of large scale physical models.

Saltmarsh sunset - Tino Heimhuber

WRL is at the cutting edge of the science and engineering of wetland restoration and rehabilitation. Over the past 15 years we have undertaken on-ground projects to rehabilitate, repair and restore large wetlands across Australia.

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Director of the Water Research Laboratory.

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The largest and most sophisticated 2D wave flume facility in the Australia/Pacific region.


Professional UAV monitoring for a wide range of engineering and scientific applications.