Brett Miller

Brett Miller
Principal Engineer - Hydraulics & Modelling
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9846

An international expert in the design and prediction of the impact of ocean outfalls.


Brett is a Principal Engineer - Hydraulics and Modelling at WRL, specialising in civil engineering hydraulics, project management, coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics, reservoirs, estuary processes, floodplain modelling, ocean outfalls, hydrodynamic and water quality modelling, physical modelling, environmental water quality; and sediment transport.

Brett has experience in modelling many rivers and estuaries both in NSW, interstate and internationally. Such tasks have included environmental flow studies, ocean and riverine discharge of pollutants, source and fate of contaminants and water quality in stratified environments. Major projects have included the Sydney deepwater outfalls, Hong Kong water quality investigations; and modelling and environmental flow requirements for the Hawkesbury/Nepean and Richmond/Wilsons Rivers. Recently, Brett undertook significant studies into the estuarine environmental responses to varying bulk water extractions from the Shoalhaven River.

Brett has undertaken hydrodynamic and water quality modelling pertaining to effluent discharge on over twenty major studies in locations including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and New Zealand. Studies have varied in size from small pilot modelling exercises to large studies such as the Western Waters of Hong Kong that involved three dimensional modelling of hydrodynamics and water quality in highly stratified conditions with five engineers full time for 18 months. Brett has also been strongly involved with the hydraulic design and near field prediction of outfall performance with recent projects including: Waimakariri Outfall (NZ), Christchurch Outfall (NZ), Shellharbour Outfall.

Recently, Brett has lead technical investigations pertaining to both the diffuser design and water quality issues for both Cockburn Sound for the Perth Desalination Plant and the proposed Sydney Desalination Plant. Brett has undertaken many hydraulic structure models including dam spillways, outfall diffusers, pump intakes and drop structures. These physical modelling skills, combined numerical modelling skills and a broad knowledge of all of WRL’s fields of expertise have provided solutions to investigations requiring specific engineering and scientific solutions to water problems.

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