Groundwater field equipment

The Water Research Laboratory has extensive field equipment for use in groundwater investigations. Equipment ranges from specific to general use, with a multitude of tools to aid in: bore design, aquifer delineation and testing, acid sulfate soil investigation, drilling and hydro-stratigraphic profiling, down-hole geophysical investigation, electrical imaging, resistivity imaging and groundwater quality testing.

Groundwater field equipment

Water Sampling and Testing Equipment:

  • Mobile lab for accurate on-site analysis
  • Small and large flow cells
  • ORION EC, pH, Eh, DO, and temperature meters
  • 60 & 100 m GRUNDFOS submersible pumps
  • Teflon bailers and water foot valves
  • Whale submersible pumps
  • Single and 5 channel peristaltic pumps
  • Air lifting and slug testing equipment
  • Portable 240 V generators

Geophysical Equipment:

  • SAS 4000 terrameter and LUND switch box
  • Selection of cables and electrodes
  • GEOVISTA borehole logger
  • EM39, natural gamma and spectral gamma electrodes
  • Heat Pulse Flow Meter

Drilling and Coring Equipment:

  • Geoprobe 7822DT
  • Hand auguring probes
  • Access to a range of jet, rotary and percussion rigs
  • Experience with vibro-coring
  • HQ minimally disturbed coring system
  • Multi-port mini piezometer construction

Monitoring Probes and Loggers:

  • Selection of electronic water level dip meters
  • Wide selection of pressure transducers
  • KENT down-hole EC probe
  • Climate station including barometric pressure
  • Single and dual channel HYDROKIT data loggers