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2021 Chris Drummond installing Coastal Imaging cameras. Photo Matt Blacka UNSW WRL
WRL’s mainstream Coastal Imaging program has achieved significant milestones recently, becoming the largest Coastal Imaging network in the world – and award winning too! With 45 cameras now providing continuous...
2021 Tidal Replicate Method 1_Anna Blacka UNSW WRL
Coastal tidal wetlands have the ability to remove significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and accumulate them in the sediment, helping to mitigate climate change. Along with their water...
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Congratulations to our very own "Remote Sensing Ninja's" who have won 1st prize for the Regional Maxar Spatial Challenge ; with their project entitled "Real-time coastal monitoring from space"! The...
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Our team includes a blend of professional engineers and scientists undertaking commercial research for industry and government, and an academic team focused on high quality education and pure research. WRL is a breeding ground for Australian experts and industry leaders in water-related sectors. 

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World-class work environments allow for world-class work to thrive, and we are home to some of the best! We are one of the only organisations in the Oceania region with large-scale laboratory spaces and expertise to provide commercial physical modelling services for our clients. 

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Our team successfully bridge the gap between industry and academia. Through our networks, partnerships and collaborations we are engaged with industry, government and the community. We provide an independent, expert position through our representation on industry panels, specialist committees and advisory bodies.

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We are at home in the natural environment. Whether we are working in the catchment, on the water or at the beach, we have the specialist equipment and knowledge to collect real-world data and analyse it to solve real-world problems. 

Get that data 1 - Wooloweyah - Tino Heimhuber

We are a specialist fundamental and applied research organisation, focusing on issues related to water. For over 60 years our team has tackled complex challenges in areas of coastal, environmental & eco engineering, hydrology, water resources, hydraulics & groundwater.

2018 Somerset Dam model

We work at the leading edge of consulting and research, using our expertise, unique facilities and field equipment to provide bespoke solutions to clients across Australia and the Pacific region.