Welcome to the Water Research Laboratory (WRL)

WRL is a leading international consulting and research laboratory and is a major group within UNSW Australia’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the UNSW Water Research Centre. WRL is unique in housing academic staff alongside a commercial Projects Team. The Projects Team offer commercial services of expert advice to industry and government, while the academic staff carry out research programs and supervise postgraduate students.

WRL can best be described as an expert problem solver in engineering relating to water, the coast, the environment and groundwater. WRL undertakes commercial projects to address complicated water engineering problems relating to groundwater, hydrology, river flow and flood plain management, estuarine and ocean hydraulics, sediment transport, stratified flow, pipe flow, major pump installations, hydraulic structures, water distribution, wave and surge predictions, foreshore protection, breakwater design, sea level rise and climate change adaptation, coastal zone management and environmental studies.

a major group within