Valentin Heimhuber

Valentin Heimhuber
Research Associate
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9850

Valentin is an emerging researcher in the application of computational methods and remote sensing for hydrology, currently studying climate change impacts in estuaries.


Valentin specialises in the application of advanced computational methods, geospatial analysis and statistics for water resources management. His research is focused on using large spatio-temporal datasets and statistics to develop knowledge and tools for addressing key challenges related to the global freshwater and biodiversity crisis.

During his PhD, Valentin used multiple novel satellite datasets to model flood inundation and water quality dynamics across the entire Murray-Darling Basin in Australia (~1mio km2). He is currently using climate model projections and hydrodynamic modelling to study the likely impacts of climate change on estuaries in Australia and around the world.

Valentin has a fast-growing academic track record with several publications in top-of-discipline journals such as Water Resources Research, Remote Sensing of Environment and Hydrology & Earth System Science.