Thomas Dunlop

Thomas Dunlop
PhD Candidate
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
+61 (2) 8071 9800

Thomas started his PhD in September 2021, researching the applications of nature-based solutions to address climate change risks in coastal and estuarine environments.

With rising sea levels, there is greater susceptibility for increased storm surge, wave impacts and flooding on coastal assets. However, traditional methods of protecting coasts and estuaries from erosion involve the use of artificial materials and structures that are unable to adapt to a changing climate.

Thomas’ research seeks to address this issue by investigating the potential for nature-based solutions to provide an adaptive response to climate change at the coast, offering a regenerative design that can reduce maintenance and offer multiple benefits to the surrounding environment.

This research will seek to directly contribute to the technical guidance of nature-based solutions for coastal resilience and climate adaptation, addressing gaps that have been identified within the current research climate. Outcomes will conclude on the feasibility of nature-based solutions for implementation in a range of environments.

Supervisors: Dr Stefan Felder and Associate Professor William Glamore