Nadav Cohen

Nadav Cohen
PhD Candidate
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9800

Nadav began his PhD at WRL in February 2021 with his research focussing on potential dual use applications of Wave Energy Converters (WEC) at the coast. His work is exploring the feasibility of deploying WEC arrays to manage coastal erosion and in the vicinity of ports whether WECs may be a solution to reduce long-wave resonance.

Nadav’s work is based on large-scale physical model experiments in WRL’s wave flumes and wave basin, to examine specific WEC control strategies, device interactions and array layouts. Oscillating Water Columns are the focus of this work, being one of the more common WEC devices currently under development around the world.

Nadav’s research is funded by the Australia Research Council (LP180101109). The UNSW research team is working alongside collaborators from the University of Swinburne, University of Adelaide, and Industry Partners Mid-West Ports Authority and Moyne Shire Council.

Supervisors: Professor Ian Turner and Dr Francois Flocard