Martin Andersen

Martin Andersen
Associate Professor
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9824

Martin has a MSc in Environmental Engineering Science and a PhD in Hydrogeochemistry. He has been with WRL since 2006 and has been part of the Connected Waters Initiative (CWI) where he has worked on a large research project for the Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, investigating surface water groundwater interactions.

Martin’s primary research interest is groundwater geochemistry with practical applications for water resources and water quality problems. A significant part of his research is field oriented, giving Martin extensive experience in various field methods, undertaking large investigations with a multi-disciplinary approach integrating geochemistry, hydrogeology, geophysics, geology and subsequent numerical modelling and interpretation.

He also has extensive experience in numerical modelling of reactive flow and transport problems, using codes such as PHREEQC and SUTRA. Martin is currently teaching half-time at UNSW in postgraduate courses on: groundwater geochemistry; aquatic chemistry; fate and transformation of contaminants in the environment; and groundwater investigations.