Kilian Vos

Kilian Vos
PhD Student
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9871

Kilian Vos has been a PhD candidate at WRL since 2018 and his research focuses on “Satellite Remote Sensing applications in coastal engineering”. As part of his PhD, he has developed CoastSat, an innovative open-source toolbox that enables users to map shoreline changes over the last 30 years at any site worldwide using publicly available satellite imagery.  

Supervisors: Dr Kristen Splinter, Dr Mitchell Harley and Professor Ian Turner


Vos, K., Splinter, K.D., Harley, M.D., Simmons, J.A., Turner, I.L., 2019. CoastSat: A Google Earth Engine-enabled Python toolkit to extract shorelines from publicly available satellite imagery. Environmental Modelling and Software

Vos, K., Harley, M.D., Splinter, K.D., Simmons, J.A., Turner, I.L., 2019. Sub-annual to multi-decadal shoreline variability from publicly available satellite imagery. Coastal  Engineering. 150, 160-174.