Brett Miller

Brett Miller
Director, Industry Research
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9846

Brett Miller in Myanmar UNSW WRLBrett is a leader in solving hydraulics and water quality problems associated with engineering and the environment. Brett’s skills are founded on a strong understanding of fundamental fluid mechanics, mathematics and both physical and numerical modelling. He has worked on many large multi-disciplinary teams where his strong management and communication skills have ensured that his specialist technical knowledge can be incorporated and understood.

Brett is one of Australia’s most experienced hydrodynamic, water quality and sediment transport modellers with more than 50 projects modelling oceans, estuaries, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Projects highlights include outfall modelling of Hong Kong, predictive and real-time modelling of the Sydney Deepwater Outfalls, environmental flows on several major Australian rivers and brine dispersion modelling for several large desalination plants.

Brett is an international expert in all aspects of both wastewater and desalination outfalls. He has worked on over 30 outfall projects throughout Australia, the Pacific and South East Asia. Study aspects include: internal hydraulics, diffuser design, near field mixing, far field dispersion, environmental impacts, numerical modelling, physical modelling and field data collection.

Brett has undertaken and directed physical modelling of dams, spillways, pump intakes, stormwater infrastructure, outfalls, fishways, ship propulsion thrust, floodplains and other complex hydraulic structures. This modelling has varied from small specialist problems to very large dam and spillway models.

Brett also has a degree in Computer Science and works regularly incorporates water engineering with computing, electronic, software and database development. Brett’s management skills include project and team management. He was the manager of the commercial projects team of the Water Research Laboratory for 10 years from 2002 being responsible for project quality, financial operations, staff development and the extensive WRL laboratories.

Brett is a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, the Australian Water Association, the International Water Association and PIANC.