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A range of publications are available to highlight our research to date. Links to the publications are provided below:

Industry guidance

Mariani, A, Shand, TD, Carley, JT, Goodwin, ID, Splinter, K, Davey, EK, Flocard, F and Turner, IL (2012) "Generic Design Coastal Erosion Volumes and Setbacks for Australia", Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC.

WRL Technical ReportWRL Technical Reports

Howe, D, Coghlan, IR and Glamore, WC (2019) "Preliminary Testing of Oyster Clumps", WRL Technical Report 2019/08.

Coghlan, IR and Lumiatti, G (2018) “Coastal Engineering Assessment for Trial Oyster Shell Filled Bag Structures: Port River, Adelaide”, WRL Technical Report 2018/29.

Smith, GP, Modra, BD, Tucker, TA and Cox, RJ (2017) "Vehicle Stability Testing for Flood Flows", WRL Technical Report 2017/07.

Coghlan, IR, Howe, D and Glamore, WC (2016) "Preliminary Testing of Oyster Shell Filled Bags", WRL Technical Report 2015/20.

Blacka, MJ, Shand, TD, Carley, JT and Mariani, A (2013) "A Review of Artificial Reefs for Coastal Protection in NSW", WRL Technical Report 2012/08.

Conference papers

Coghlan, IR, Glamore, WC, Howe, D and Felder, S (2017) "Innovative Ecological Engineering: Two-Dimensional Physical Modelling of Oyster Shell Filled Bags for Coastal Protection", Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference, 2017, Cairns.

Dunlop, T, Felder, S, Glamore, WC, Howe, D and Coghlan, IR (2017) "Optimising Ecological and Engineering Values in Coastal Protection via Combined Oyster Shell and Sand Bag Designs", Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference, 2017, Cairns.