Wave flume testing with live oysters for design guidance

Ian Coghlan observes the stability of live oyster clumps in the wave flumeResearchers at WRL have been working with OceanWatch Australia (Marine NRM) to effectively design oyster reef restoration projects across Australia. Since 2015, Senior Project Engineer Ian Coghlan and A/Professor William Glamore have undertaken innovative wave tests of different oyster arrangements in the 3 m wide wave flume.

This research aims to improve the design and performance of oyster reefs by assessing their stability under wave attack. Most recently, live oyster clumps were tested and compared against natural fibre bags full of empty oyster shells to develop design performance criteria.

Reef design criteria are currently being developed based on the full range of oyster bag, bag/anchor arrangements and loose shell design testing.  

More information about the oyster reef testing, including wave flume results, can be found here: 



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