The hard working team behind the scenes

Larry Paice installing Coastal Imaging cameras at the Gold CoastLarry Paice is one of the invaluable multi talented, expertly skilled and many-hat-wearing technical staff members that make up WRL’s Support Team.

A qualified Carpenter by trade, Larry’s official position at WRL is as ‘Workshop Supervisor’, but this is but one of his many roles at WRL.

From being a fully trained special heights technician installing our Coastal Imaging network atop Gold Coast skyscrapers, to onsite OHS officer, to WRL’s resident and talented photographer, Larry represents the dedication and passion of the hard working team behind the scenes.

What is the best part about supporting the staff and students of WRL?

“Never knowing what the following week will bring. I could be taking photos of Jet skis surveying at Narrabeen, installing Coastal Imaging cameras while the Quiksilver Pro is on at Snapper Rocks, or constructing detailed models in the workshop at Manly Vale.”

What is the most challenging part of supporting the staff and students of WRL?

“Bringing concept ideas to life. Sometimes it is not a clear path between concept and reality, it’s my job to get it done.”

What has been your favourite project you have worked on?

“Recently I was involved installing camera mounts around the Northern Beaches for the CoastSnap project. It’s great to see a project enabling community input to help protect and manage our beaches. It has also introduced me to some new photography techniques.”

Broadbeach, Gold Coast. Photo by Larry Paice

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