Stefan begins a research sabbatical with promotion to Senior Lecturer

Dr Stefan FelderCongratulations to Dr Stefan Felder who has recently been promoted to Senior Lecturer for his achievements in research, teaching, social engagement and leadership. The promotion is well-deserved and is an acknowledgement of his contribution to WRL, the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the water engineering profession. 

Stefan and his family are now departing to Europe for a 6-month research sabbatical. During his time in Europe, Stefan will visit four leading hydraulic engineering laboratories including the HECE at the University of Liege, the VAW at the ETH Zürich, the IWW at RWTH University and the IST at the University of Lisbon. A key part of the research sabbatical will be the application of his self-developed air-water flow instrumentation in researching hydro-environmental air-water flow phenomena.

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