Shell Cove marina - 27 years of planning, modelling and construction

With the formal opening of Shell Cove marina in recent weeks, we thought it was worth a look back at some of the physical modelling that went into the project over the past 27 years.

Early designs of the entrance layout were modelled by AWACs in 1994. More contemporary designs were modelled by WRL 10 years later, firstly in 2D to explore the cross-section design of the main breakwater, followed by a large 3D model to further refine the armouring design and layout for both the main breakwater and southern training wall.

1994, WRL Principal Engineer Brett Miller and an early 3D model of the entrance arrangement.

2004, WRL Principal Engineer Matt Blacka and Senior Expert Peter Stone watching over a 2D model test with Frank Wilkinson, Greg Britton and Christian Taylor.

2004, WRL Principal Engineer James Carley with designers Greg Britton and Christian Taylor explaining different aspects of a 3D model to other project stakeholders.

2021, Shell Cove marina near completion, after 27 years of planning, modelling and construction.

Photo credit: Frasers Property Australia

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