Official launch of the first trial installation of oyster bags

OceanWatch Australia's Living Shorelines Program oyster bag launch. Left to right: Maria Vozzo (Macquarie University), Andy Myers (OceanWatch), Simon Rowe (OceanWatch), Ian Coghlan (UNSW WRL) and A/Prof Melanie Bishop (Macquarie University)

Over the past 18 months, engineers at WRL led by A/Professor Will Glamore and Dr Stefan Felder have worked with OceanWatch Australia to research the behaviour of oyster shell filled bags exposed to attack from wind waves and boat waves.

This novel coastal erosion solution involves the use of seeded oyster shells in coir (coconut fibre) bags. As well as reducing foreshore erosion, these units are intended to create fish habitat by promoting the restoration of living oyster reefs. Initial physical modelling tests in the 3 m wave flume were published by the WRL Projects Team in January 2016.

On Wednesday of this week, Senior Coastal Engineer Ian Coghlan participated in the official launch of the first trial installation of oyster bags at Sugarloaf Point in Sydney’s Lane Cove National Park.

Stay in touch for the imminent release of follow-up oyster bag research by an undergraduate student supervised by Dr Felder and A/Prof Glamore. 


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