Maroochy River groynes

In a world-first developed specifically for Maroochydore Beach and model tested by WRL, 5.0 m3 geotextile containers are being used to renew the existing storm damaged geotextile sand container (GSC) groynes near the mouth of the Maroochy River.

Having been in place for around 20 years, the existing field of four groynes, made up of 2.5 m3 containers, was one of the earliest GSC groyne fields constructed on the open coast in Australia and is extremely popular with the local community, who favoured geotextile over rock for the renewal. The upgraded design, developed by Sunshine Coast CouncilJBP and WRL, will have a higher crest level and be more stable under storm wave conditions.

Construction is now underway, and can be viewed via webcam.

For further information on WRL’s physical modelling for this project, a conference paper by Senior Project Engineer Ian Coghlan can be downloaded here: "Physical modelling of novel upgrade strategies for the Maroochy River geotextile groyne field".

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