Introduction to Water Engineering annual field trip

Dr Kristen Splinter explaining how objects can be scaled down to test in controlled environments

On Friday WRL opened its doors to 400 students, giving them the opportunity to see first hand the theory they are being taught turned into practice, with respect to physical modelling and scaling.

This annual field trip, which is part of the 2nd year Introduction to Water Engineering course (CVEN 2501), is vital in the education and learning experience of these students at UNSW. The students get to see what is involved in a career in water engineering, as they are taken on a tour of both the Water Research Laboratory and the Manly Hydraulics Laboratory.

Organised by Dr Stefan Felder, Dr Kristen Splinter, and Dr Ademir Prata; the students were introduced to a variety of physical models currently in use, and undergoing construction. During the tour students learned about how engineers scale down real objects (such as cars) to be able to undertake testing in controlled environments (such as flumes). One of the highlights included a model car simulation, which looks at the velocity forces and water depths needed to cause instability in a car trapped in floodwater.

Dr Kristen Splinter at the model cars in floodwater display Dr Stefan Felder at the dam physical model
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