Instructional videos created for fluid mechanics course

WRL PhD students Laura Montano and Tomas Beuzen took centre stage this week in the filming of lab instructional videos for the Faculty of Engineering fluid mechanics course. The laboratory classes undertaken in this course are a core component of the student learning experience and integrate fundamental fluid mechanics concepts with `hands-on’ student learning practice. Students will explore and quantify different methods of measuring flow through pipes, friction in pipe systems, and hydrostatic and buoyant forces.

The videos will help students familiarise themselves with the laboratory equipment, encouraging self-learning during lab time for the fluid mechanics course. These new digital resources are being developed as part of a Scientia Education Investment Fund (SEIF) grant led by WRL academics Dr Stefan Felder and Dr Kristen Splinter, as well as Dr Shaun Chan (MMAN).

The new online content being created is aimed at improving the learning experience of students across the entire Faculty of Engineering. WRL Postdoc researcher Dr Josh Simmons is currently undertaking post-processing of the videos and will be incorporating them into the UNSW online learning platform Moodle.

Special thanks to Harsh Goyal (MMAN) for his input into the lab scripting, Bruce Oliver and Tamsin Peters (MMAN) for facilitating the use of the MMAN labs, and the two CVEN videographers: Tuan Anh Nguyen and Quang Dieu Nguyen.

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