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Happy 2016 World Wetlands Day!

February 2nd is World Wetlands Day. It commemorates the signing of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance in Ramsar Iran in 1971. The theme for 2016 is Wetlands for our future: sustainable livelihoods.

WRL staff WRL staff, including Dr William Glamore, Duncan Rayner and Jamie Ruprecht, are proud to be working on fundamental aspects of wetlands. Our research highlights the linkages between the surface and groundwater, the biotic and hydrologic, and integrated catchment management. We have established field sites from the far west to upland peat swamps to throughout coastal NSW. Working with government, NGOs and industry we are most proud of our on-ground results in restoring/creating large wetland habitats; aiming to establish a sustainable legacy of healthy wetlands for the future.

Have a happy 2016 World Wetlands Day from WRL!

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