Farewell Coral and welcome Katie

This week we welcomed Katie Jacka to the WRL team. Katie has worked in a diverse range of companies including charity, financial, legal and public relations, and will be the new ‘front face’ of WRL, replacing Coral in the role of Administration Assistant and Publications Officer.

After almost 9 years of consistent and supportive friendship and service to the WRL community, Coral retired in much the same way she arrived – surrounded by a cloud of delicious baked treats (only this time provided by staff, rather than by Coral herself)!

Described as the person who brings the place together and helps support our group of collective researchers and students, we wish Coral well in her well-deserved retirement, and very much look forward to you all getting to know Katie.

Farewell Coral and welcome Katie After nearly 9 Years, Coral has retired as the 'front face' of WRL



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