Congratulations to Hiruni Kammanankada for receiving the Young Professional Presentation Award

Hiruni KammanankadaWell done to PhD Candidate Hiruni Kammanankada for winning the Young Professional Presentation Award at the 40th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (HWRS2022) in Brisbane! HWRS2022 is the main Engineers Australia conference in the hydrology and hydraulic engineering space.  

Hiruni presented her research on the “Application of tube fishways to weirs” which she authored together with Adjunct Prof William Peirson, Adjunct Associate Prof John Harris and her PhD supervisor Associate Professor Stefan Felder. It was Hiruni’s first conference presentation, highlighting her strong communication and presentation skills. 

Hiruni commenced her PhD project in early 2022, researching the application of UNSW Tube Fishways to low-head weirs that she will investigate in short-term trials at various weirs across NSW. Her research is the worldwide first use of Tube Fishways in the field and aims to establish design guidelines for these innovative fishways.  

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