Becoming a beach scientist is as easy as slip, stop, snap!






Introducing CoastSnap: a new and innovative community beach monitoring system designed to capture and measure our dynamic coastline.

CoastSnap smartphone cradleThe NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Water Research Laboratory and Northern Beaches Council have teamed up to establish community beach monitoring stations at various headland locations around the Northern Beaches.

Next time you visit one of our CoastSnap stations, currently located at Manly and Narrabeen beaches; take a photo using the smartphone camera cradle and post it on the CoastSnap Facebook page, or email it to: Your snapshots will contribute to a growing community database of beach change captured from the same position and viewing angle. We will regularly update the Facebook page with the latest time-lapse videos and measurements of beach change from the database of community contributions. 

How to take photos

1. SLIP your smartphone into the CoastSnap smartphone cradle
2. STOP and check that the smartphone is resting firm against the left edge of the cradle
3. SNAP a photo using your smartphone camera app

If you have the Facebook app
Share your photo record of the beach directly by posting your photo on the CoastSnap Facebook page.

If you don’t have the Facebook app
You can submit your photos via email to:

How to view community contributions
1. Click on “Posts” tab on the CoastSnap Facebook page
2. View “Visitor posts” on right side of page (web view) or at top of page (mobile view)

Read more about CoastSnap here


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