BeachStat - Live camera dashboard

Over the past 2 years Senior Coastal Engineer Chris Drummond has been busy working on BeachStat, a system to automatically track beach users and shoreline positions using low-cost remote camera systems, and machine learning algorithms.

WRL BeachStat - live camera dashboard, now online for public accessThis economical system uses fully stand-alone customised trail cameras deployed at remote locations to record beach activity, with imagery sent and stored via the cloud. WRL has also partnered with Spectur camera systems for applications where real-time viewing of the beach is required.

The output from both systems is the same – BeachStat provides long term continuous data that allows us to quantify patterns of beach use and understand the value of beaches to our communities; data that is becoming increasingly important as we attempt to evaluate the site-specific costs and benefits of future management strategies for our beaches.

A full demonstration dashboard of BeachStat, covering critical locations of the NSW Central Coast is now available to be accessed online for public viewing. The camera network, developed in partnership with Central Coast Council, provides live monitoring cameras at several lagoon entrances and the coastal erosion hotspot along Wamberal Beach. The BeachStat dashboard can be accessed here: (note this is a desktop based dashboard, not compatible with smartphones).


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