1.2 m wave flume

Our 1.2 m flume is our flagship physical modelling facility which is regularly used to optimize coastal structures around the world. Our technicians and engineers construct and test bespoke 2D models in this flume with scales ranging between 1:10 to 1:50 and model waves up to 0.4 m. 

Key features of the 1.2 m flume

  • 1.2 m wide x 1.6 m deep x 44 m long
  • Significant wave heights (Hs) up to 0.25 m
  • Maximum wave heights (Hmax) up to 0.4 m
  • Peak spectral wave periods (Tp) up to 5 s

Typical projects/uses of this facility

  • Testing stability of rock and concrete armour units
  • Assessing safety of wave overtopping on people and infrastructure
  • Measurement of wave loading forces on coastal structures
  • 'Sea to Sand’ wave propagation modelling
     -   Detailed wave propagation/surfzone processes
     -   Refining estimates of nearshore wave climate
  • Testing performance of floating breakwaters
  • Measurements of wave transmission into marinas