Local government research initiative

Update on Stage 3 initiatives

"What are local government practitioners saying about their experiences with climate change adaptation tools? And what helpful advice can they offer to professional peers and other end users to enable them to select appropriate adaptation tools and use them effectively?"

ACCARNSI in collaboration with the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) and all State and Territory Local Government Associations (LGA) has undertaken a local government research initiative to address these questions.

Philip Booth and Ron Cox facilitated a two hour workshop in each capital city in partnership with each State and Territory LGA to summarise key findings and outputs from the Stage 1 Case Studies Report and accompanying portfolio of 18 Case Studies and Statewide Synopses, the Stage 2 National Survey Report on Climate Change Adaptation Tools completed by 115 Local Councils and Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs) around Australia and the Stage 3 Synthesis Report culminating in an Adaptation Tools Selector to guide Local Government in its Climate Change Adaptation Decision Making Processes.

Reports and documents