Early career research forums

ACCARNSI hosts two National Forums/Workshops each year to bring together early career researchers from around Australia with an interest in climate change adaptation research related specifically to Settlements and Infrastructure.

"...a fantastic opportunity to meet other researchers in the field... The diversity of projects meant the program of presentations was interesting and eclectic and I particularly gained a lot from the different methodological approaches that people are applying ...It was great to have a mix of post-grads, post-docs and in particular people from industry and government..."

PhD Candidate, Nadine White from Southern Cross University, 4th ACCARNSI ECR

Early career researchers from Australian universities, industry and government are invited to apply for one of twenty places in each forum. A travel grant of up to $500 AU is available to all successful interstate participants to help offset travel and accommodation expenses.

The forums aim to provide a unique opportunity for those conducting research in engineering, science, urban planning, built environment, social sciences, economics and business to meet fellow researchers in other Australian institutions and facilities. The forums also highlight the broad range of climate change adaptation research being carried out in Australia as well as presenting the potential to influence the future direction of climate change adaptation research in Australia.

ACCARNSI has been fortunate to have many talented early career researchers from around Australia participate in past forums and will continue to support this initiative in order to provide a forum and networking opportunities for early career researchers in climate change adaptation research.

Below are some of presentations from recent ECR workshops and forums

12th ECR Forum, Adelaide 26-28 September 2016

Presenter Organisation State
XDI - The cross dependency initiative Jacquelyn Lamb Climate Risk NSW
Climate change risks - Approaches to resiliency and adaptive capacity for infrastructure Dr Kate Panayoutou GHD NSW
Predicting climate change risks for pacific coastal and maritime supply chain infrastructure Jack Dyer University of Tasmania TAS
Sustainability starts with children: Child friendly precinct design for active travel and active play Hulya Gilbert University of South Australia SA
How the public and policy could be better engaged in climate change adaptation  Dr Li Meng University of South Australia SA
Adaptation of transportation systems to climate change in Ghana: Potential risk, existing policies and requirements Martin Larbi University of Adelaide SA
Climate change adaptation and new migrants Christina Ting Swinburne University of Technology VIC
Pro-environmental spill-overs in community settings three years on Gabriele Fitzgerald University of South Australia SA
Predicting the impacts of urbanisation on biodiversity in climate changing times James Plummer University of South Australia SA
Drivers and barriers to heat stress resilience in the urban context  Gertrud Hatvani-Kovacs University of South Australia SA
Climate change adaptation through community engagement in the Yorke and Mid North region in South Australia Dr Chandani Panditharatne University of South Australia SA
The role and responsibilities of Local, State and Federal government in coastal management and planning for climate change Nicole Pelton University of Adelaide SA
Coastal management hotspots in WA Tim Stead State Department of Transport WA
The Peron Naturaliste Partnership: An overview Joanne Ludbrook Peron Naturaliste Partnership WA
Present and future building design considering climate change Professor John Boland

CRC for Low Carbon Living, University of South Australia

The problem can’t be ignored ... and it won’t go away! Looking back at 50 years of response to coastal erosion Professor Rodger Tomlinson Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, Griffith University QLD


11th ECR Forum, Canberra 15-17 February 2016

Presenter Organisation State
Developing a sense of place: interviewing for community views Tayanah ODonnell University of Canberra ACT
Modelling for integrated regional transport planning Dr Li Meng University of South Australia SA
The end-point of adaptation: What are the implications of climigration for spatial planning? Dr Tony Matthews Griffith University QLD
Supporting sustainable regional development through improved governance and institutional design Dr Lain Dare University of Canberra ACT
Impact of extreme climate events on agricultural productivity and profitability  Matthew Peck Griffith University QLD
The effects of building facades on outdoor microclimate - Framework for in-situ observations Jonathan Fox University of New South Wales NSW
Water demand of heterogenous urban vegetation Dr Hamideh Nouri University of South Australia SA
Evaluating the thermal performance of urban green infrastructure at local scale: A methodology framework Carlos Bartesaghi Koc University of New South Wales NSW
An overview of financing models for coastal protection in Australia Dan Ware Griffith University QLD
Visualisation methods for linking scientific and local knowledge of climate change impacts Dr Scott Lieske University of New South Wales NSW
A conceptual Climate Resilience Framework (CRF) for sustainable development focusing on floods and droughts Syed Abu Shoaib University of New South Wales NSW
Tourism and climate change adaptation: just one more issue for sustainable tourism destinations? Brian Weir University of Canberra ACT
Tasmanian Regional Climate Adaptation Lessons learned and what happens next. "Or what it is really like at the coal face." Katrina Graham Hobart City Council TAS


Proceedings from previous ACCARNSI ECR forums can be viewed below

 Proceedings Location Date
1st ACCARNSI ECR Sydney 14-15 May, 2009
2nd ACCARNSI ECR Sydney 9-11 November, 2009
3rd ACCARNSI ECR Gold Coast 19-21 April, 2010
4th ACCARNSI ECR Adelaide 24-26 November, 2010
5th ACCARNSI ECR Sydney 11-13 May, 2011
6th ACCARNSI ECR Maroochydore 21-23, November 2011
7th ACCARNSI ECR Melbourne 7-9 May, 2012
8th ACCARNSI ECR Gold Coast 26-28 November, 2012
9th ACCARNSI ECR Sydney 11-13 March, 2013
10th ACCARNSI ECR Gold Coast 20-22 July, 2015
11th ACCARNSI ECR Canberra 15-17 February, 2016
12th ACCARNSI ECR Adelaide 26-28 September, 2016