Discussion papers

Title Authors Published Date Keywords
Managing Estuaries For Resilience Under Climate Change: Integrating Socio-Economic And Ecological Goals And Proposing Appropriate Strategies Erica Davey, William Peirson et al June 2013 estuaries, ecological values, adaptation
A Brief Appraisal of the Potential of Pumped Storage in New South Wales MS Phillips, WL Peirson and RJ Cox June 2013 pumped storage, renewable energy, dams
Principles and Problems of Shoreline Law John Corkill December 2012 shoreline, laws
Beyond Agriculture - Exploring the Application of the Thornthwaite Moisture Index to Infrastructure and Possibilities for Climate Change Adaptation Michele Philp and Michael Taylor October 2012 Thornthwaite Moisture Index, infrastructure
Assessing the Climate Change Adaptability of Buildings Malay Dave, Arvind Varshney and Peter Graham June 2012 climate change, building
The Economic Value of Natural and Built Coastal Assets Part 2: Built Coastal Assets Sally Kirkpatrick Obst March 2012 economics, coastal assets, built
Population Distribution, Migration and Climate Change in Australia: An Exploration Graeme Hugo December 2011 population, migration, climate change
Ageing, the Built Environment and Adaptation to Climate Change Tracie Harvison, Rachelle Newman and Bruce Judd October 2011 built environment, adaptation
Adapting to Climate Change – Revising Our Approach to Estimating Future Floods Seth Westra August 2011 flooding, modeling, climate change
The Economic Value of Natural and Built Coastal Assets - Part 1: Natural Coastal Assets Sally Kirkpatrick June 2011 economics, coastal assets, natural
Urban water supply in a carbon constrained Australia: Water‐energy linkages Eytan Rocheta and William Peirson April 2011 water, energy, supply
Towards a National Climate Change Adaptation Framework for the Built Environment Philip Booth, Peter Graham and Nan Chen June 2011 adaptation, framework
Increasing the adaptive capacity of water storage systems by reducing evaporation William Peirson et al. December 2010 water storage, infrastructure, evaporation
Voluntary travel behaviour change and its potential implications for climate change mitigation and adaptation Michelle Philp and Michael Taylor September 2010  travel behaviour, climate change
Assessment of the Challenges in Adapting Water Resources and Infrastructure to Climate Change - Literature Review Michael Short, Matthias Schulz, Eytan Rocheta and Greg Peters February 2010 water resources, infrastructure, climate
Adapting to Climate Change - Implications for Transport Infrastructure, Transport Systems and Travel Behaviour Michelle Philp and Michael Taylor January 2011 transport, infrastructure, behaviour
The Incorporation of Uncertainty and Infrastructure Investment Appraisal David G. Carmichael and Maria C. A. Balatbat February 2010 infrastructure, uncertainty, investment