Nashwan Matheen

Nashwan Matheen
PhD Student
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9856

Nashwan Matheen began his PhD at WRL in February 2018 on the topic of “Optimisation of storm induced dune erosion predictions within coastal hazard Early Warning Systems”. The end-goal of this research topic is to setup and evaluate the performance of a prototype coastal hazard Early Warning System at a Narrabeen-Collaroy beach in Sydney.

This system would provide timely and effective information regarding an approaching coastal storm hazard to emergency response teams and other identified institutions, to ensure a more effective response that reduces the risk to individuals that could be affected by the event. An Early Warning System such as this is crucial along developed coastlines where high-density development has reduced the resilience of the coastal zones and large numbers of people are at risk from extreme storm events.

Prior to commencing his PhD, Nash worked for a year as a graduate coastal engineer in the Maldives. Most of his projects focused on assessing the cause of coastal erosion on Maldivian islands and the development of feasible mitigation measures. A notable project he worked on was the development of a series of small “breakwater islands” to dissipate wave energy within a reef system.

Research interests:

  • Coastal monitoring
  • Wave propagation in reef environments
  • Coastal morphological modelling

Supervisors: Professor Ian Turner, Dr Mitchell Harley and Dr Kristen Splinter.