Mahmood Sadat-Noori

Mahmood Sadat-Noori
Research Associate
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9879

Mahmood has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Water Engineering and a PhD in Groundwater Hydrology. His research operates at the interface between two fields; hydrology and biogeochemistry. Mahmood’s primary field of interest is related to the use of natural geochemical groundwater tracers such radon (222Rn) and radium (223,224, 226Ra) to investigate groundwater-surface water interactions in coastal environments such as estuaries, lakes and wetlands. His is also interested in understanding how groundwater discharge/porewater exchange can influence nutrient, carbon and greenhouse gases dynamics in coastal waters.

His research in this field has led to several publications in renowned journals such as the Journal of Hydrology and Environmental Science and Technology. Mahmood’s PhD research introduced a novel approach for reducing uncertainties related to groundwater discharge quantification in estuaries using radon as a tracer through field investigation.

Mahmood joined WRL as a Research Associate in 2017 and works on a coastal wetland restoration research project, investigating how tidal manipulation in tidal wetlands will influence surface and groundwater dynamics within the wetland. In particular, how the subsurface hydrology controls nutrient exchange, salt marsh plant zonation and carbon cycling in wetland surface waters.