Kilian Vos

Kilian Vos
PhD Student
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(+61) 2 8071 9871

Kilian Vos has been a PhD candidate at WRL since 2018 and his research focuses on “Satellite Remote Sensing applications in coastal engineering”. As part of his PhD, he has developed CoastSat (, an innovative open-source toolbox that enables users to map shoreline changes over the last 30 years at any site worldwide using publicly available satellite imagery.  

Supervisors: Dr Kristen Splinter, Dr Mitchell Harley and Professor Ian Turner


Vos, K., Splinter, K.D., Harley, M.D., Simmons, J.A., Turner, I.L., 2019. CoastSat: A Google Earth Engine-enabled Python toolkit to extract shorelines from publicly available satellite imagery. Environmental Modelling and Software

Vos, K., Harley, M.D., Splinter, K.D., Simmons, J.A., Turner, I.L., 2019. Sub-annual to multi-decadal shoreline variability from publicly available satellite imagery. Coastal  Engineering. 150, 160-174.