Our team

WRL teamThe core strength of WRL comes from our team.

Comprised of some of the highest calibre, globally recognised and creative problem solvers in their respective areas of research and industry; our prestigious record built over more than 50 years has made us what we are today, a leading global think tank. We are a band of pioneers and experts driven by a passion to finding grand breakthroughs for a better tomorrow.

Ian Turner profile
Ian is the Director of WRL and is a Senior Coastal Specialist in WRL’s coast and estuary investigations group... More
Grantley Smith profile
Grantley is the Manager of WRL and an Australian expert in the fields of physical and numerical modelling of water; with specialist expertise in water resources management... More
Martin Andersen profile
Martin’s primary research interest is groundwater geochemistry with practical applications for water resources and water quality problems... More
Stefan Felder profile
Stefan is an expert in physical modelling of turbulent free-surface flows, and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in water engineering with special focus on fluid mechanics and hydraulic engineering... More
Will Glamore profile
William is an internationally recognised, award winning expert specialising in field, laboratory and numerical modelling studies related to wetland restoration and hydrology... More
Denis OCarroll profile
Denis has ongoing research projects investigating the environmental fate and ecotoxicity of nanoparticles released from commercial products, and developing climate change mitigation measures in urban areas... More
Kristen Splinter profile
Kristen’s research focuses on the application and development of remote sensing technologies to study the nearshore zone, and is an expert in coastline erosion and recovery from changes in the size of waves, sediment supply, and water levels... More
Doug Anderson profile
Doug is an expert groundwater modeller, specialising in the optimal design of engineering systems utilising environmental process and computer modelling studies... More
Matt Blacka profile
Matt is one of Australia’s foremost experts in the application of physical models for analysis of coastal and marine structures, also specialising in coastal processes and hazards, coastal structures, vulnerability assessments, climate change adaptation, field data collection and coastal monitoring... More
James Carley profile
James has extensive experience with numerical and analytical models, undertaking detailed studies of beaches reviewing historical events, predicting future response to major storms, climate change and sea level rise, and beach response to structures... More
Francois Flocard profile
Francois is an expert in the field of renewable ocean wave energy; he has managed the installation of a 250 kW pilot device in Victoria and led several large studies related to wave dynamics and wave energy conversion processes... More
Brett Miller profile
Brett specialises in civil engineering hydraulics, coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics, reservoirs, floodplain modelling, hydrodynamic and water quality modelling; and is an international expert in the design and prediction of the impact of ocean outfalls... More
Ben Modra profile
Ben is an expert in the inspection, design and testing of coastal structures, particularly rubble mound breakwaters; and has a strong reputation for the analysis of environmental data... More