Some of the Women@WRL (back) Laura Montano, Priom Rahman, Kristen Splinter, Grace Carlino, Anna Blacka and Alice Harrison. (Front) Kristina Palmer, Gabriela Lumiatti, Helen Rutlidge and Coral JohnsonWomen@WRL was formed in February this year with a group of 9 women from differing career paths; that all have one thing in common - working at the Water Research Laboratory.

Our mission is to gather together to network, share resources and support one another with conversations about our careers and goals. We now have 14 women who meet each month, and hope to keep this number growing.

During the year we have set goals for our group in the aim of creating an improved site for the workplace that we are proud to be a part of. Our contributions so far have been the introduction of composting at WRL, with food scraps now being placed in a compost bin ready to feed our onsite herb garden; another initiative of the Women@WRL.

Throughout the year we have also been fundraising, with the end goal to purchase a community water pump through UNICEF - watch this space!

The WRL compost bin The WRL herb garden
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