Civil engineering hydraulics

Civil engineering hydraulics physical modelAreas of hydraulics expertise

  • Dam outlet works
  • Energy dissipaters
  • Ocean outfalls
  • Spillways and levees
  • Pump stations
  • Hydro and thermal power stations
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants

The Water Research Laboratory has several decades of experience in the research, investigation and application of fundamental and applied civil engineering hydraulics. This field of expertise encompasses performance assessment of hydraulic structures such as dam outlet works, energy dissipaters, ocean outfalls, spillways and levees and plants such as pump stations, hydro and thermal power stations, and water and wastewater treatment plants. WRL also has a depth of experience and the equipment for accurate measurement of flows and flow patterns.

Studies are undertaken as either desktop studies, field measurement studies, numerical modelling (CFD) or physical laboratory studies. A strong understanding of the fundamentals of flow, cavitation, flow paths, pressure waves, turbulence, multi-phase flow and sediment transport ensures that effective and appropriate levels of study are undertaken.

When hydraulic behaviour is crucial to the operations of large (or small) infrastructure, WRL can utilise its knowledge and experience, specialist hydraulic laboratories and instrumentation to provide robust and cost saving solutions.

Civil engineering hydraulics